This printer is fast and makes beautiful parts. It is everything you could possibly want in a single-material FDM 3D printer, except that it requires a lot of time and effort to assemble and calibrate. I have always had an interest in 3d printer design, and I was eyeing this model for almost two years before giving in and buying. This was built from a kit, with parts printed on an Ender 3 and a Longer LK4 in a cabinet.

Assembly was a meticulous process but relatively quick, thanks to the quality of the manual. The real time-sink was the modding process. After a year of use, I’d recommend the following mods:

It took a lot of tinkering to get working at first, but the community is very friendly and I got plenty of help in the Discord. Once it gets dialled, it prints quickly, reliably, and over a range of exotic filaments.