3D Photography

Capturing images in stereo with two Nikon D7000s mounted on a DIY rig. Pairs of images were aligned and stitched into an anaglyph image.

3D Image Capture 3D Image Capture

3D Minesweeper

Its Minesweeper! In 3D!

Available to anyone who bothers to update their browsers, this takes advantage of the new <canvas> tag to render an Anaglyph-3D (using red-cyan glasses) version of minesweeper. Play it here.

Technical Information: There are two display methods available. index_Canvas.html uses the canvas tag, while index_DOM.html uses DOM manipulation (specifically, a JavaScript generated table). Both files make use of the same code in game.js.

The source code is available here.

Heads-Up Display

Using two OLED screens, a partial mirror, and a Fresnel lens, I was able to render arbitrary images floating in front of your eyes. The entire assembly was mounted on a baseball cap.

View through the HUD View through the HUD

Facebook-style Like Stamp

Take your Facebook addiction to the next level by “Like”ing things in real life.

There are two templates available, one “like” and one “dislike” stamp. Just download the files and send them for printing at your favourite print shop.

Click to Download Click to Download


pmOAS Demo pmOAS Demo

A simple, configurable, Optical Answer Sheet (OAS) solution that anyone can use.

Designed for students and teachers who do not have access to automated MCQ scanners and markers, this software can quickly read shaded answers off the provided optical answer sheets. Simply print an OAS (sample PDF provided below), and use a digital camera to take photos of the completed sheets. The pmOAS software will read the answers and produce an Excel-compatible file with answers and scores automatically marked.

Smoke Photography

Clever arrangement of lights and fans yielded beautiful images of smoke, in laminar and turbulent flow.

Smoke Photo Smoke Photo