It is common, in photography, to attach different modifiers (called snoots) to studio flashes to achieve different effects. Now that photographers use portable flashguns (“strobist” flashes), there are many DIY solutions for achieving similar effects. This is my attempt to meet that need.

Interchangable Bases

I own two flashguns, a Nikon SB-600 and a YN 560EX. Naturally, I would like my snoots to be interchangable between them. They have different geometries, and so different bases have to be designed. These bases have the same outer geometry, and so every snoot in my collection can attach to either.


There are five designs for snoots currently ready: Bars, Slit, Spot, Half, and a small clip for color filters.

Three designs: bars, slit, spot. Three designs: bars, slit, spot.

Future work

I want to change the design of the clip to allow stacking of different attachments, and then design a top reflector to provide secondary lighting. Or perhaps a lighting periscope for macro photography.